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Acquisition of DST Australia Pty Limited

01 January 2014

Regis is proud to announce the acquisition of DST Australia Pty Limited with effect from 1 January 2014.

DST Australia is the leading provider of drillstem testing services in Australia.

Drillstem Testing (DST) is a valuable tool in the oil and natural gas extraction process. DST is a procedure to determine the productive capacity, pressure, permeability or extent of an oil or gas reservoir. DST is essentially a flow test which is performed on isolated formations of interest to determine the fluids present and the rate at which they can be produced. By employing parts such as a DST bottom hole assemblies (BHA) application, tests can be done to determine the viability and commercial productivity of a well within an accelerated time line as well providing lower financial risk compared to conventional well testing methods.

DST is regarded as the premier tool for evaluating a well. This method is the only way to get a sample of reservoir fluids, and can provide at reasonable cost data for determining the productive characteristics of a particular zone. This is the only method of reservoir evaluation which obtains reservoir data under dynamic conditions rather than static ones. A DST test is essentially a temporary completion - it offers evaluation of a particular geological zone without costly and time consuming completion procedures.

DST Australia has a team boasting 36 years of experience in the industry and is the leading Australian company in the industry.